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The 25 Most Viral Action Sports Videos of the Year

It's easy to see why these melted the internet...

As another year draws to a close, it’s a time for reflection, for quiet contemplation and… actually fuck that.

We’re an action sports site. Let’s just look back at the most insane moments of the year eh?

Here’s our rundown of the most viral videos we posted in 2014. I think you’ll agree, it was one hell of a year…

1) This Skateboarding Dad Kicks His Own Kid Down a Ramp

Remember this one? Back in May, Marcus Crossland was filmed giving his son a pretty extreme version of tough love in an effort to teach him how to skate.

The resulting video went so viral the family found themselves hounded, with the dad losing his job and both parents finding themselves called to account on national TV!

2) Skye the 5-Year-Old Blows Skaters’ Minds

This slightly more positive parent-kid relationship also set the internet ablaze this year. It’s not hard to see why really, she rips!

3) These Russians Make the Best GoPro Video Ever

Back in April, we declared this the best GoPro video ever. It actually came out the previous year, but only really started to pick up traction in 2014.

Made in Russia, it’s apparently the official music video for the song ‘Bad Motherfucker’ by a band called Biting Elbows, and it now has nearly 25 million views on Youtube.

4) Robbie Maddison Rides His Motorbike Off a Ski Jump

Mentalist Robbie Maddison has made a career out of crazy motocross stunts (think backflipping over Tower Bridge or jumping 100 foot onto the Las Vegas Arc de Triomphe) but this latest one might have been the craziest yet.

He just goes on forever…

5) These Guys Go Barefoot Waterskiing… Behind a Plane

An idea this crazy must’ve started off with a drunken chat in the pub. Difference is, these guys actually made it happen.

6) This Crazy Japanese Skater Redefines Creativity…

We first posted this in August and it’s still being watched even now. Check out the clip and you’ll see why…

7) These BASE Jumpers Build a Catapult to Launch Themselves Off Cliffs

Taking a leaf out of the Angry Birds’ book, these French BASE Jumpers built an enormous sling shot to fire themselves off a cliff.

Yes, it’s as mental as it sounds…

8) Coco Ho Gets Naked For ESPN

No prizes for guessing why this one went viral. ESPN’s annual Body Issue, featuring various athletes naked, is like a mini Kim Kardashian’s bum moment every single year.

9) Dan Treadway Drops 100 Foot on a Snowmobile

No matter how many times we watch it, this video of Oakley’s Dan Treadway sending it still leaves our jaws hanging open.

I mean double-u tee eff?!?

10) This Brutal Video Shows What Happens When Kayaking Goes Wrong.

If you were ever in any doubt about kayaking’s status as an extreme sport, this brutal bails compilation will have set you straight. Non-stop carnage.

11) Ken Box’s Pisstake Blows Up

Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos are impressive and that but they’re a bit over the top aren’t they?

This epic parody skewered them brilliantly and had the whole Mpora office chuckling.

12) This Snowmobiler Jumps Over a Road Into a Lake

Who knew snowmobiles worked so well on water? This insane stunt must’ve taken some serious balls.

Not sure what the fat suit was about though…

13) These Guys Invent a Real Life Hoverboard

After all the hoo-ha over the fake hoverboard ridden by Tony Hawk back in February, we were as sceptical as anyone when this “real life” video started going viral.

But incredibly, the guys behind the Hendo board actually seem to have done it. Although you do have to ride it on a specially-built copper surface…

14) Tony Hawk Jumps Over a Moving Mini

The Birman flew back in March, clearing a moving Mini by miles. Yep, still got it.

15) The North Face Pull The Rug Out From Under Unsuspecting Koreans

The text on the board at the end apparently says: “If you can grab the jacket, you can keep it.”

This little stunt was one of the best viral marketing ideas ever – 11 million views on Youtube and counting.

16) This Guy Attempted a BASE Jump From His Motorbike

Of all the crazy stunts that went viral this year, this must be the most mental. Skip to 4.22 if you just want to watch Brad O’Neal go for it.

Craziest thing about this though is that it’s still had less than 100,000 views…

17) This Surfer Rugby Tackles a Dude Who Dropped In On Him

It’s probably the most annoying thing a surfer can do to another surfer, so perhaps it’s not surprising this dude dives in with a tackle?

18) This BMXer Fails Horribly on a Feeble Grind

Wow, could that have gone any more wrong? The only saving grace for Max Eyre here is that his mate was filming it.

Just remember kids, keep the camera rolling and viral fame awaits…

19) Freerunner Jason Paul Recreates A Classic Arcade Game On a Moving Train

Jason Paul has made one of the sickest parkour videos ever here – awesome concept, awesome execution.

20) Danny MacAskill Takes His Bike Back to Skye

Danny MacAskill’s street trials tricks never cease to amaze, but his most successful video of the year took place nowhere near the streets – but rather on his native Isle of Skye.

Here he proves that his skills are just as useful on a full suspension bike miles away from the nearest concrete stair set. Legend.

21) The Real SkiFi Crew Invent A Whole Bunch of New Tricks

Finnish crew Real SkiFi have a habit of putting out crazily creative videos, but this must’ve been their best one yet.

There’s more new tricks in this one short edit than in a season’s worth of regular ski films…

22) Snowboarder Jaeger Bailey Puts His Own Spin on Street Riding

Like a snowboard equivalent of the Real SkiFi crew, Jaeger Bailey takes strange tricks and crazy spots to the next level…

23) This Snake Devours a Crocodile After a Five Hour Fight

Of all the incredible videos from the natural world we posted this year, from giant waves to avalanches and even bears surprising mountain bikers, this was the most popular.

It’s pretty horrendous, but that’s what makes it compelling…

24) This Russian BASE Jumper Gets It Really, Really Wrong

What’s the worst thing that could happen to a BASE jumper? Well, it happened to Ivan here.

Even though we know he was only injured – and not permanently – the video still makes for pretty uncomfortable viewing.

25) These Guys Invent a Self-Powered Wakeboard

It’s a wakeboard that you don’t need a boat for, or a surfboard that needs no waves – this crazy contraption emerged online in September.

As interesting as it is, we’re still not sure it’ll ever catch on…

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