It's Christmas Eve! Enjoy that final advent calendar chocolate, frantically scour the garage forecourts for last minute presents and start expanding your appetite in anticipation of the onslaught of food to come.

We hope you're all feeling suitably Christmassy by now, but for those of you Scrooges and Grinches amongst you we've brought you the best Noel inspired action sports we could find at the bottom of the stocking.

If someone mountain biking in a cheap Santa Claus costume doesn't get you singing carols then quite frankly we're done here - take a look at yourself.


Mrs Claus Goes Surfing

Putting a Santa hat on a woman in a red bikini. The true meaning of Christmas.


Santa's Dive N'Surf

Mr Claus takes the money and sells out to endorse diving and surfing.


Santa Skiing some Pow

Look at those parallel turns set to elevator music.


Santa Killing It

Serious shredding from the real Santa Claus. Yes, that really is him.


Rad Santa

Santa Claus - house burglar, philanthropist, MTB enthusiast.


Oh, Mrs Claus

Santa's better half makes another appearance in this bizarre, car-crash advert that really has no place on MPORA but I can't stop pressing replay..


From everyone at MPORA have a very Merry Christmas!