It's that time of the week again to see exactly how much attention you've been paying to the world of action sports. From Simple Session 14 to the start of The ASP World Tour, it's time to test that grey matter. 80% correct is a pass, and we've even given you some clues.

Q1 Clue: Men's Quiksilver Pro contenders

Q2 Clue: Simple Session 14

Q3 Clue: Epic MTB Races

Q4 Clue: Legendary Explorer

Q5 Clue: Surfing Legends of The Gold Coast

Q6 Clue: The Surprise Superpower of Motocross

Q7 Clue: The most expensive Chalets

Q8 Clue: Women's World Surfing Tour

Q9 Clue: Cooler Interview British Bronze Medalist

Q10 Clue: The greatest heats of the Gold Coast Pro