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The Caffeine Chronicles | What’s The Best Outdoor Coffee You’ve Ever Had?

We've teamed up with Hydro Flask and asked a bunch of good people in the outdoor industry what their most memorable coffee in the outdoors has been

Devil’s nectar, jitter juice, Joe, mud – coffee goes by many, many, different names. Some people love it, some people can’t imagine starting their day without it. Others, well, aren’t sure what all the fuss is about. They’ll tell you, in no uncertain terms, that they’re more of a tea drinker, or a hot chocolate sipper, or, in some pretty extreme cases, a Bovril fiend.

One thing that these people above all have in common, however, is an appreciation for flasks  and mugs that’ll keep their hot drinks hot and their cold drinks cold. What these people all share, even if they don’t quite fully comprehend it yet, is a love for products like the Hydro Flask 16 oz Coffee with Flex Sip Lid flask and the Hydro Flask 12 oz Mug.

“Some people love it, some people can’t imagine starting their day without it”

What’s so good about these products then? Well, shoutout to the leak proof lid on the flask first and foremost. Sip and transport your drink without worry, my good friend. The flex strap on the flask is also excellent. We never get tired of that solid, easy-to-see, feel of a Hydro Flask. Oh and did we mention the smooth flow opening here, designed for hot liquids? It has, like all the best pieces of kit design, been implemented in such a way that you’ll barely notice it until you try a lesser flask for comparison.

Credit: Hydro Flask
Credit: Hydro Flask
Credit: Hydro Flask

The mug has a press-in lid featuring Honeycomb insultation, for additional temperature control and an opening for easy sips. It’s also got a soft touch finish and feels dead nice in your hands. It also, like the flask, is BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free, has a super durable pro-grade stainless steel construction, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

The main selling point of these Hydro Flask products though is TempShield. “Colder, Hotter, Longer” is the catchy slogan for the technology and, in all seriousness, it does work really well. The clever double-wall vacuum-insulation protects temperature for hours. In essence, it means your cold drinks in summer and your warm drinks in winter will stay refreshingly cool and piping hot for longer.

What’s the best outdoor coffee you’ve ever had?

Chris Sayer – Writer

Instagram: @chrissayer00

“After seeing approximately 100,000 photographs of Svínafellsjökull from various Insta adventurers, I thought I knew what to expect from this massive glacier. I almost didn’t go because it was sooooo far away and there was a big snow storm brewing.

“I could hear the glacier creak and groan, plop and nrrrrrrg”

“What an idiot, because when I actually got there I just gawped. Like a big gawpy moron. And when the French bros next to me stopped pretending to ‘Hadouken’ each other off the ridge, and I had it all to myself, I could hear the glacier creak and groan, plop and nrrrrrrg, like what my belly sounds like after too much red meat. Only sexier. Way, way sexier.”


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Daisy Maddinson – Writer and POW Marketing Manager 

Instagram: @daisymaddinson

Website: Protect Our Winters UK

“Probably coffee in a Norwegian backcountry hut nestled at the back of a fjord in Lofoten. Three day trip, porridge and coffee on the stove every morning before ski touring.”

Jordan Tiernan – Mpora and Outdoors Magic

Instagram: @JordTiernan

“Far from the finest coffee I’ve had, but certainly the most rewarding would be in the Refuge du Col de la Vanoise after skiing the North Face of the Grande Casse – a 12 hour mission in the heart of the Tarentaise. The coffee was watery, the milk was off and I was sure there was a floater or two in my cup, but nothing beats a celebratory coffee”

Will Renwick – Editor of Outdoors Magic

Instagram: @will_renwick_

Website: Outdoors Magic

“I got into a routine of stopping to brew up a mid morning coffee each day on my walk along the Cambrian Way. My legs and mind wouldn’t properly get going until I’d had it. This moment with my dog Teilo was 17 days into the trail. We had one day left to go.”

Credit: Will Renwick

Joel Evans – Salomon Athlete

Instagram: @joelevans

“Ooft that’s easy. At 3,400 metres at Skyway Monte Bianco. Sipping a €1 espresso before skiing 2,000 of powder down to Courmayeur. Hard to beat that spot!”

Dee O’Connell – Founder of The Brokedown Palace

Instagram: @DeeDeeLea

Website: The Brokedown Palace

“I’ve never got into coffee… but I’m a big fan of tea. I grew up in Yorkshire and wherever I go, I always take Yorkshire teabags with me. Without a doubt the best brew of my life was at Plateau Point in the Grand Canyon. We set off from the South Rim in the dead of night, and reached the end of the trail just before dawn.

“It felt like seeing the sun rise over the whole of time”

“I sat on the edge of a rock, and watched the pinky-orange glow spread slowly across the canyon, lighting up the Colorado River a deep verdant green.

“Sipping that hot tea from home whilst looking out over the endless chasm, it felt like seeing the sun rise over the whole of time. Well worth getting up even earlier to brew the kettle over the stove at the campground.”

Credit: Dee O’Connell

Rory Southworth – Mountain Athlete

Instagram: @rorysouthworth

“I don’t drink hot coffee or hot drinks. I don’t even take Lemsip hot. The only time I’ve had a hot drink is probably in Norway ski touring and on the Pen-y-pass road after a cold swim. Sat in the boot of my car, shivering – hot chocolate from a flask.

“In Norway, we made hot chocolate using melted snow after a long day of skiing”

“In Norway, we made hot chocolate using melted snow after a long day of skiing. The Pen-y-pass one was during my 27 swims in Snowdonia for my 27th birthday. A 15 hour multi-swim day driving, driving and hiking to 27 different swim spots.”

Stuart Kenny – Writer at Much Better Adventures

Instagram: @stuartkenny92

Website: Much Better Adventures

“We had been camping in the mountains behind Kingussie, a small town near Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands, after day of hiking in the Uath Lochans, a huge forest area with stunning views over the Cairngorms. Anyway, we set up camp on the edge of a loch, and woke up to the sunrise reflecting on the water.

“There’s something about warming up with a coffee, out in the wild”

“After a morning dip in the freezing cold loch, and a scramble to get dressed and get warm again, I’ll always remember one of our friends in the group pouring the coffee out and cooking up some sausages round the campfire. There’s something about warming up with a coffee, out in the wild, that is really just hard to beat.”

Hannah Bailey – Photographer

Instagram: @neonstash

“A few years back, at Snowboard Spring Break in Kaunertal, a bunch of us ladies decided to make a cup of coffee at the top of the mountain. It was a whiteout, really cold and a bit of blizzard but we had set out minds to it.

“The moral of that coffee; adventure is always a bit of an effort and sometimes a lot of faff, but it is always worth it!”

“With a stove in hand and some instant coffee (and tea bags) we made it to the top but only managed to make a single cup which we all ended up sharing! Before hitting the sidecountry powder back down to the cafe… where we could get another (less adventurous) cuppa.

“The moral of that coffee; adventure is always a bit of an effort and sometimes a lot of faff, but it is always worth it!”



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