Golf, as someone or other once said, is a good walk ruined. We'll be honest - we couldn't agree more. It's little more than an excuse for middle class men to walk off their hangovers while dressed as pimps.

However, with the Ryder Cup starting this weekend, pro snowboarder Maxence Parrot has come up with a new spin on the age-old sport that makes it look a lot more appealing - snowboard golf.

Things could be a lot more interesting if Rory McIlroy had to nail a steezy back five every time he teed off.

"golf Is Just midDle-class men walking off their hangovers, dressed as pimps"

This, of course, isn't the first time the worlds of action sports and golf have collided. A few weeks ago, we uncovered the golf skateboard. "Surf the earth," they implore. "Nah, we're good," we reply.

Call us anti-golfers, but the Golf Board looks like yet another attempt to take as much exercise out of golfing as possible.

Speaking of anti-golf, we think Brian Deegan and his Metal Mulisha guys aren't fans. Look what happened when they stumbled across this plush par 4 on their bikes.

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