swimming form

Improving your swimming isn’t just about upping the hours spent in the pool. It’s about working on your technique, and going back to the basics if need be. Here are our top swimming tips.

  •  The Guardian found that swimming is the second most popular physical activity in the UK (beaten only by walking) - with 14% of adults regularly using the pool
  • Incorporating swimming drills into your regular workouts will make your stroke more effective and efficient
  • Want to get fit as well as improve your form? Water is denser than air, so simply walking, running or jogging in the pool can offer great fitness benefits
  • Speedo suggests investing in a swimming lesson if you really want to improve your form. It’s a great way for an expert to identify how you can improve your technique further. Don’t forget, the more you swim, the greater the opportunities to practice and perfect your technique
  • As with any exercise, don't forget to warm up and stretch before and after you get in the pool

Don't just take our word for it! Six-time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott has got three simple swimming drills to help you achieve maximum David Wilkie potential (ask your grandpa) whether you are a beginner or advanced swimmer.

The slow arm recovery (hesitating, then pulling), the quick catch (keeping your rhythm without losing momentum) and high swingers (release high and keep going) will all improve your swimming form. Gosh, that all sounds terribly puerile doesn’t it? Snigger, snigger…

Top Three Swim Drills by ACTIVEdotCOM

Next, endurance. Sounds tough, eh? Well, allow bubbly Texan swimming coach Kim Brackin bring some fun into the equation by showing you some drills and swimming tips that will help build up your endurance and improve your swimming technique and speed in the pool. Long dog or right arm only anyone? Kim explains all.

How To Build Swimming Endurance With Fun Drills by EHow