ESPN's Body Issue 2014 is here and the photos are fast becoming leaked all over the interweb.

Jamie Anderson is on this year's cover and pro surfer Coco Ho is featured inside surfing naked.

We can definitely see why the Body Issue is always a massive hit. The internet does love naked ladies. But we'd much prefer to watch these ladies shred.

After all, Jamie Anderson stomped an insane gold medal winning run at Sochi 2014 slopestyle finals - and Coco Ho stormed into first place at Los Cabos Open Of Surf last week.

Photo: Morgan Maassen/ESPN

coco ho body issue 2014

So, why did they do it? Obviously there's been controversy in the past surrounding the Body Issue. However the magazine and athletes claims the photos don't intend to sexualise women. Instead it's meant to show an appreciation of athletic bodies of both men and women.

You can see what Jamie had to say about it here, as well as Coco Ho's perspective here.

It's gotta to be said - our favourite photo so far is this one of legend Travis Pastrana riding barebacked on a bike with his wife Lyn-Z Adam Hawkins!

There's a reason these two are the raddest couple around....



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