Forget Ali Vs Fraizer and their so-called Thriller In Manilla. John Snow Vs The Lannisters? That's borderline fiction! The real ruck we've all be waiting for has finally happened... Urban Downhill MTB Vs Free Running.

You can almost smell the bloodshed through your screen, cant you?

Filmed by guys at 3Run, this fiery edit pits free runner Chris Lodge and MTBer Chase Armitage against each other as they race around the mean streets of Basingstoke, in the south of England.

As the guys dive in and out of shoppers, the edit highlights how free runners and urban MTB riders, just like skaters and BMXers view the streets differently, seeing urban architecture not simply as walls, ramps, and stairs, but as opportunities to hoon around.

So, who came out on top, free running or MTB? It's a close call, but given that Chase ends up relying on slapping an engine between his legs, we're giving this one to parkour. TKO.

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