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New Year’s Resolutions | 21 Inspirational Ideas To Make Your 2021 So Much More Adventurous

2020 is the type of adventure we never want to experience again. However, 2021 is a year to make your own adventures. Here is our list of 21 epic ideas to get you on the right track

Happy New Tier!

We refuse to deliver the normal spiel about how this new year is going to be when everything falls into place. Especially when the likelihood is that 2021 will be chillingly similar to its predecessor.

Whether you’re in the dark depths of tier 4 or living it up in the high-rises of tier 2, we have a resolution for you to take forward into the new year. Only allowed one hour of exercise a day? Then why not go for a wild microadventure from the comfort of your own back garden. Or perhaps, you want to make use of that Keanu Reeves haircut that you acquired during lockdown and finally make 2021 the year you catch your first tube.

“Make use of that Keanu Reeves haircut that you acquired during lockdown and finally make 2021 the year you catch your first tube”

Yes. We do live in a country where the government can initialise a lockdown just five days before Christmas. But don’t forget, we also live in a country rich in mountains and forests – mountain and forests that are calling out to be explored. The possibilities for adventure at home, and abroad, are endless.

Here’s 21 resolution ideas to get your teeth into.

Take Up Running

You will probably see a million articles telling you to take up running in the next few days. We are simply here to tell you why the life of a runner is so much more than a tedious jog around the local park.

Why not do your runs strictly from the comfort of your own home? We think running a 5k in your flat sounds like a fantastic way to avoid the cold snaps this January. If you do decide to brave the elements though, you might want to make sure you have some of these fun running apps downloaded to keep your cardio inspired.

Go On More Microadventures

Dolly Parton wasn’t wrong. Working 9-5 is bloody tough going. Sometimes it feels like you’re giving maximum effort for a minimal amount of praise. Don’t let the rat race get you down. Instead, get chasing the sweet high of microadventures in 2021.

The man we can thank for #microadventures is Alastair Humphreys. Humphreys coined the term by describing it as “short, simple, local, and cheap”.

This year get yourself down to your local forest, or even track down some wildlife, in your very own microadventure. No matter your level of outdoor experience, you will be able to find an easily accessible adventure from your doorstep. Bivvy bagging in winter anyone?

Walk A Long Distance Hiking Route In The UK

If you’ve been lucky enough to cop a new pair of walking boots this Christmas, then you better get them laced up and get ready to enjoy some classic long distance walking.

The UK has some cracking long distance routes for you to take advantage of in the new year.

Go An Eco-Friendly Ski Trip

Pictured: Les Arcs. Photo via Getty Images

Want to shred the slopes in a sustainable way this year? Get yourself booked onto an eco-friendly ski trip, grab yourself some sustainable ski gear (check out our Ski 100), and get into some good old fashioned ski touring. Obviously, there’s still no telling how badly disrupted the season will be but if you do get some ski trips in make sure they’re not messing up the planet.

Make 2021 The Year You Finally Learn To Surf

If you decide to get on any new wave in 2021, then make sure it’s the surfing one. Being stuck in the house for 456 consecutive days (or whatever it was), we reckon it’s time to show off your new Keanu Reeves look and go catch your first barrel.

For surf lessons in Newquay, check out Escape Surf School.

Go Watch A Football Game Somewhere Unique

Do you remember when football matches had 75,000 people crammed into a stadium? We don’t know when this will happen again but what we do know is that you need to find an epic location for the next football match you attend in person.

From Bhutan to Greenland, you’ll be blown away by this rundown of some of the world’s most amazing football pitches. If you can, be sure to pay at least one of them a visit in 2021. They put the beautiful in the ‘beautiful game’, that’s for sure.

Go Vegan… Three Days A Week

Some people eat meat and others don’t. The environmental arguments for a vegan diet have been well documented in recent years but for some switching to a full plant diet is a commitment too far. If that sounds familiar, why not consider flexitarianism?

Go vegan three days a week in 2021, and make a difference in your own small way. You might also find yourself liking it so much that you make it a permanent lifestyle choice in 2022. Or not. Whatever works for you.

The Three Peaks Challenge

The National Three Peaks challenge will unquestionably feed your hunger for adventure as you push yourself to your limit in this UK-based mountaineering extravaganza. The task, if you’re up to it, involves climbing the highest peak of each country in Great Britain; Ben Nevis (Scotland, 1345m), Scafell Pike (England, 978m) and Snowdon (Wales, 1085m).

Doing this feat in one week is admirable but have you got what it takes to summit all three in 24 hours? That would surely be worthy of a mention in the New Year Honours List.

Head here for more information on the highest mountains in the UK.

Go Camping For An Entire Month

The world went full Gnarls Barkley crazy in 2020. Because of this, we very much think you deserve a decently-sized break from all the madness in 2021.

Get yourself properly out into the wilderness for 2021 and become one with nature by camping out for an entire month. Hopefully when you come back to civilisation the pandemic will be a distant memory.

Get Climbing….Get Rock Climbing

You should honestly feel ashamed.

Every year you say you’re going to take up a new hobby, and you never do.

This changes in 2021 because you’re going to become a rock climber. You said you would after you watched Alex Honnold’s incredibly successful, incredibly tense documentary ‘Free Solo’ but you never did… until now.

The thrill of climbing is there from the moment you start, and we guarantee that once you begin you’ll be crimping your way to 2022 in no time.

Run To All Four Capital Cities In The UK

You’ve all heard of fun runs. This idea is like them but with a lot more traffic, a lot more people to dodge, and a lot fewer people dressed as bananas.

Run to all four capitals cities in the UK and be the envy of all your friends.

Depending on your living / work situation, we advise you to run to the closest capital city first. Also, bring a pop-up tent because you’re not going to be able to do this in one day and you’ll need somewhere to rest when the lactic acid starts kicking in.

Get Into Scuba Diving

Get yourself down to the depths of the ocean this year and get scuba diving. If you don’t know where to begin, start by watching our Simply Scuba YouTube show. It’s called Surface Interval. It’s good.

Throw A Dart At A Map And Go Where It Lands

Alright. This one will depend on the fluctuating state of international travel. But let’s roll with it and hope for the best. Also, there’s no reason you can’t use a map of just your country / local area for this idea.

Take a dart or similar sharp object, close your eyes, and throw it in the direction of a map and do the unthinkable; go wherever it lands.

The range of places you could end up in are endless. Sure, you could easily find yourself visiting Machu Picchu. Or, even more excitingly, you could find yourself in Rotherham. It really comes down to lady luck with this one.

Learn To Skate With Adult Courses

Tony Hawk is your mum’s favourite skater. The guy was kickflipping before he was in nappies and will surely go down as one of the best to ever pick up a deck. If you have any hope of becoming the next Birdman, or even just someone who can roll about for more than 30 seconds without breaking an ankle, you need to learn how to skate.

To do this, get yourself some adult skating lessons (seriously, you’re never too old to start). It doesn’t have to stop at just lessons either. Get yourself a trendy name as well. How about Tony Eagle?

Pay a visit to Skateboard GB for more information on skateboard lessons.

Don’t Take Up Running… Do Race Walking Instead

Yes, we told you to take up running at the start of this article but if that sounds too much like hard work then why not give race walking a go? This sport takes copious amounts of patience and technique. If you like a challenge, then maybe this is the resolution for you.

Camp Out On A Beach

Visits to the beach are great. The sand and sea can be invigorating and wash all your problems away in an instant. Have you ever thought about sleeping on one though?

Start camping on your local beach, then go all the way to Newquay and keep on going. Have a beach camping tour of the UK and, while you’re at it, rate the country’s fish and chips.

Go Skydiving

If you’re of the feeling that 2020 didn’t have enough thrills and want to up the ante in 2021, then maybe skydiving could be the thing for you.

Jumping from a plane isn’t half as horrifying as the stuff that’s gone down in the last year, so sign yourself up already.

Get Yourself On An Island Hopping Adventure

How do you fancy exploring the Scottish Highlands, hopping from island to island? If that sounds blissful, then this kind of adventure might just be your calling in 2021. Explore Scotland’s rugged coastline, and do it all from the comfort of your very own sea kayak.

Get Into Ski Touring

You’re bored of the groomed pistes now, aren’t you? Sure there’s still that old familiar adrenaline junkie thrill on the downhill, but queueing for chairlifts is not the one is it? Make 2021 the year you get fully into exploring the backcountry and escaping the resort boundaries.

Destress With Some Yoga

We know it’s a stretch but try your very best to find some time for yoga in 2021. We live in such a technological world that some time away from our screens can often be just the thing we need to unwind, reset, and fix up our mental health.

Yoga is something you can gradually get into throughout the year, and the beauty is all you need to get started is a mat.

Fall In Love With The Outdoors All Over Again

If you do anything in 2021, fall in love with the outdoors all over again. Try new things and get yourself out of your comfort zone by finding adventures in unexpected places.

Push yourself, tackle challenges, stay positive, and explore the world in your own way.

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