Nitro Circus ringleader Travis Pastrana is frothing at the mouth with excitement, which can only mean one thing…

No, not that he’s discovered a disappointing X-Men power (he’s pretty much already mastered flight anyway). No, a frothing Pastrana means the return of the Nitro World Games.

“That’s amazing, Mpora" we hear you cry, “But where can I watch the Nitro World Games?". Fear not, for we have most excellent news. You can watch it right here, on this very page.

All you have to do to see the world’s leading skateboarders, FMXers, BMXers, scooterists and more is wait until midnight UK time on Saturday 24th June (leading into Sunday 25th June), scroll down this page just a touch, and wait for your brain to melt as action sports are taken to incredible new levels.

Defending Best Skate Trick champion Elliot Sloan will be at Nitro World Games 2017

Defending Best Skate Trick champion Elliot Sloan

Expect plenty of Never Been Done tricks, gigantic airs, spins, flips, as the possibility of a fair few bails, and the athletes push the boundaries of their sport.

2016 saw the first ever Nitro World Games, and a record number of fans from around the globe tuned in to see the likes of Josh Sheehan, Levi Sherwood, Ryan Williams, Kurtis Downs, Gavin Godfrey and many more abso-fucking-lutely send it.

They were joined by action sports legends Tony Hawk, Todd Matthews and, of course, the ringleader himself Travis Pastrana, who guided us through the events.

But enough chat. Lets dive straight in (you know, midnight on saturday and all). Let the live stream begin. Hold onto your hats, because this is going to be big!

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