Everyone knows this feeling....


Yes, you read that right: Air France allow "passengers with a high body mass" give a 25 per cent discount on second seats.

If the plane, however, isn't full, then the passenger will get a full refund for the second seat - and ultimately get it for free!

We came across this little nugget of information while we were researching the airlines baggage fees for surfboards and bikes"'passengers with a high body mass' get 25 per cent discount on second seats"

Surprised? We certainly were. Air France are apparently one of the only airlines in the world to have special considerations for "high body mass passengers" in place. Their seats are currently 45cm wide, but those who exceed the dimensions can get a second seat.

Fair enough if you're a little bit larger and you want some extra comfort room during a long haul flight - then offering a discount on a second seat sounds like a nice thing to do.

But it seems a bit cheeky when cyclists have to pay an extra €50 to carry on their super light 10kg carbon fibre bike - or surfers get stung when their boards are an inch over the limit.

What do you reckon? Should discounts be offered to "high body mass" passengers? Maybe super skinny cyclists and surfers should be offered a discount on their bikes and boards too?

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