Inspired by this absolutely monster rail by Gosha Konyshev that we posted recently, we've found 10 more insane grinds and boardslides.

1) Nyjah's Lengthy Rail

Check out this  lengthy 50-50 by Nyjah Houston from the start of Fade To Black.

2) C-rail Madness

Taken from the Red Bull Winch Sessions, this 97 foot long C-rail is absolutely insane. No wonder it took four years of slams and falls to master.

3) Fedora Grind

Not content with merely riding a six zillion stair, kinked rail, Derek Elmendorf does it looking dapper in a jaunty fedora. Steezy.

4) Cocard's 68 Steps

Brandon Cocard slays this legendary 68 stair curved handrail. No wonder it took three days and a ball-busting 257 (TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEVEN!) attempts to slay.

5) Record Breaking Boardslide

This is reported to be a world record breaking boardslide on a snowboard. Is Brandon Cocard's 50-50 (above) longer?

 6) Curb 50-50

Granted, this isn't on a rail, but this 50-50 on the curb (presumably just outside the local library) goes on for days, and days, and days. Seriously, you can start it, go and make a sandwich, and when you come back it's still going.

7) Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Taken from The Firm: Can't Stop, Matt Beach 50-50's on the rail is seemingly endless. It' goes on forever. And ever. And ever.

8) 1st Hit

Turn up at the resort, head to the park, nail a huge grind on your very first hit. Oh, and a little 270-out just for fun. Yeah, we've all been there, right?

9) Feeble

Things are getting a bit more technical now - down a 33 stair handrail. Is this is the longest feeble ever?

10) Kinky Inline Craziness

Even our pals from inline are getting in on the epic rail act. Nobody can say that this squillion stair kink rail isn't sick.


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