Remember that MTV show Cribs where celebrities showed you around the multi-zillion pound pads with gold-plated swimming pools and entourage of Hummers in the driveway?

God, it was entertaining. Who doesn't like a good nosey into someone else's house? It definitely reveals an interesting side to today's legends that you wouldn't otherwise see.

"They want to show you everything from their narcissistic trophy rooms to their beloved coffee machines."

They want to show you everything from their narcissistic trophy rooms to their beloved coffee machines (how many of them love to show these off?!) to their mental backyard set up.

Here's a sneak peek inside seven extreme sports stars' palaces...

I think you probably already knew Tony Hawk's house was going to be rad. It's a giant Southern Californian mansion with Beamers and a Lexus or two sat in the driveway, four bedrooms, a jacuzzi and an infinity pool. Oh yeah, and a massive skate bowl in the back garden. "We travel a lot, so we wanted to make our house like the cool hotels we always get to stay in." The fridge is full of chocolate milk and champagne. His three-year-old kid has a slide and a mini basketball hoop in his bedroom. It's basically a dream house.

OK, so the video is a bit old (his fiancé here is now his ex-wife). But rumour has it, Tony's still living in the same house. It can only have had a few upgrades since then...


Then, just one year later, he bought a whopping $8.9 million Malibu mansion as well!

According to Transworld Snowboarding, the Flying Tomato already has a number of houses across San Diego, Park City, Northstar at Tahoe and Los Angeles. So why not just add another to the collection?

Apparently, this four-bedroom palace was bought off Mike Fleiss, creator of trash TV series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It's got a private pool and deck overlooking Malibu Beach, plus a separate one-bedroom apartment on site.

His neighbours are said to be Owen Wilson and X-Men producer Brian Singer.


Why the beach? Apparently Shaun like to surf, now and again.

"With surfing, you're not moving - the water is!"

Insightful stuff.

Shaun White's House

Back in 2012, Travis Pastrana invited the ESPN team to tour around his home in Maryland. This is one INSANE house, possibly our favourite yet. He built it himself when he was just 17!

House aside, Travis has obviously got an insane backyard set up. Just roll out the back door onto the bike track that leads into three mega ramps, a vert and his very own foam pit! "I've got two gold medals lying around here. I just haven't got round to put them up yet..." Dozens of Moto bikes stashed in the garage, plus inside his "sanctuary" which holds everything from his X Games trophies to the bike that he did his famous double backflip on.

John John can see Pipeline from the treehouse in his parent's back garden on the North Shore of Hawaii.

What's the first thing he did when he got offered the biggest contract in the history of pro surfing with Hurley? Buy a multi-million dollar place just down the road. That's such a hipster tree..." "What's a hipster tree?" "You know, a tree a hipster would take a picture of... The guys over at VICE made this hilarious video tour around John John's houses - starting with a taster of the basil plants in his backyard to chasing a mongoose around the garage, because he wants to keep it as a pet!

So, maybe you're not that into the mega houses of the rich and famous...

Five-time world champion surfer Steph Gilmore has a pretty cosy little pad in Surfside Colony, California that you wouldn't say no to.

"It might not have its own skate park or trophy room, but it still sits directly on the beach."

It might not have its own skate park or trophy room, but it still sits directly on the beach, overlooking the surf.

As you'd imagine she's got a sweet view of the beach from her bedroom, an 'craft area' in her lounge where she paints pictures of Marilyn Monroe (no, really!) and a kitchen where she doesn't really like to cook. Plus a rooftop terrace for sunbathing and spying on the neighbours.

Not bad, eh?

Ryan Sheckler was 8-years-old when he graced the cover of Skateboarding magazine for the first time.

Now he owns a multi-million dollar mansion in San Clemente, California - otherwise known as his "humble abode" - with skateboards pinned to the wall and giant photo collages made by his grandma. "I'm not too picky about anything. If it rolls and turns good, it's all good..." Not many skaters throw their board in the back of a swank Beamer before heading down to their own private indoor skate park down the road. But Ryan does.

Torah Bright has probably upgraded her living situ a little since this was filmed in 2007. However, it's still pretty cool to get an insight into the famously private rider's condo in Salt Lake City, USA.

It's not big - in fact it's probably the smallest place we've seen so far - but it's packed full with Roxy boards, overflowing boxes of trophies, giant cheques and the most hideous shower curtain known to man.