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From the first 900 on a skateboard to the first double backie in Motocross, the X Games has been monumental for the progression of action sports, and has helped make legends in many sports.

It was once branded the 'Look Ma, No Hands Olympics' but has since grown to be the pinnacle of the action sports calendar each year, with riders battling to enter the history books and walk away with a coveted gold medal.

Whatever happens at this years' event in Austin, Texas, history suggests that it's sure to be insane! Just take a look at some of the incredible moments from the last 20 years...

[part title="Justin Seers Wins the First Ever Medal, 1995"]

Back when the event started it was known as the Extreme Games and it was just a tad different to the global spectacle we see today.

On the agenda was bungee jumping, bouldering and, believe it or not, barefoot waterski jumping!

Yep, you read that right. Athletes would be pulled along on the back of a boat on a tow rope, skimming the water on their bare feet - water skiing but without the skis.

"It was water skiing only without the skis."

The very first winner of this event was Australian Justin Seers who made history by becoming the first ever winner of an X Games gold medal.

After hitting a few obstacles and doing some barefoot 'tricks', he hit a kicker and launched himself 88 feet through the air before landing back on his feet.

Unfortunately, barefoot jumping only lasted three years before it was dropped. Shame.

[part title="Dave Mirra Takes Home 3 Gold Medals, 1998"]

Dave Mirra made history in '98 by becoming the first athlete to win three golds at one event, taking victory in BMX Vert Doubles, BMX Park and BMX Vert.

Looking back, it's a shame the BMX vert doubles, one of the events he dominated, didn't catch on. Mirra claims that in his 20 year X Games career, the doubles run with rival and close friend Dennis McCoy was a defining moment for him.

And it's pretty crazy to watch too - I mean just check out the crazy back-tap at 2:03!

[part title="Tony Hawk Stomps the First 900, 1999"]

There's no denying Tony Hawk is one of the founding fathers of modern-day action sports. He's as recognisable as the Pope.

In 1999 he laid down the ultimate vert trick, sticking a 900 on his very last attempt, and things got crazy!

This was the trick that launched the thousand-dollar video game deals. That's some pure vert skating porn right there.

[part title="Mat Hoffman Pulls Out a No Handed 900, 2002"]

"Everyone on the deck is freaking out right now".

That commentary pretty much sums up just how good this no handed 900 by Mat Hoffman was in 2002.

"Everyone on the deck is freaking out right now."

Hoffman had been waiting 13 years to land that trick and it was another nine before anyone repeated it in competition again. Even now pros around the world are struggling to nail it!

[part title="Ryan Sheckler Becomes Youngest Gold Medalist, 2003"]

When I was 13 I was eating dirt and falling out of trees.

When Ryan Sheckler was 13 he was busy making history by becoming the youngest ever gold medalist at the X Games, taking home the top prize in skateboard park (as street was then called). His record still stands.

Since then he's gone on to win another five medals including two golds at the X Games and he's still only 24!

This performance launched him into the global spotlight and since then, his career has been one of the great skateboard success stories - I mean check out the epic house it's bought him for starters!

[part title="Chuck Carothers Lands the First Body Varial, 2004"]

2004 saw the invention of a whole new genre of motocross trick - the separation of man and bike. It was only a year earlier that the first 360 was stomped so stepping it up to this level was a whole other kettle of fish.

Chuck Carothers seized his moment and pulled off a body varial (nicknamed the Corolla) on his very first attempt, taking the gold in motocross best trick and taking home the hefty sum of £50,000.

What makes it even better is the fact it was the first time he'd ever attempted it without a foam pit. Crazy!

[part title="Travis Pastrana Stomps a Double Backflip, 2006"]

Possibly the epitome of what the X Games represent, Travis Pastrana hucked it and hoped when he attempted the first ever double backflip in the 2006 LA X Games Best Trick.

"If it goes wrong, you die."

Pastrana didn't even plan to do the trick that year as his rally season wasn't over. In his words, "if it goes wrong, you die". That might sound a bit extreme, but people do die at the X Games...

[part title="Jake Brown Has a Gnarly Crash, 2007"]

Jake Brown gained the attention of the world in 2007 when he achieved two spectacular feats in the space of about 10 seconds. He first landed the first 720 (and his first successful 720 ever - he never landed it in training) over the 55ft mega gap on a skateboard. It's what happens next that most people remember, however.

"It's what happens next that most people remember, however."

After landing, he carried too much speed into the quarter pipe and launched himself 47 feet into the stratosphere before coming straight down on the bottom of the quarter, knocking him out cold.

He finally managed to walk away with a broken wrist, broken vertebra, concussion and contusions to his lungs and liver.

The crash was one of the worst in X Games history and earned him the nickname the 'Unbreakable Jake Brown'. A few months later he was back competing, and winning.

[part title="Mitchie Brusco Lands First X Games 1080, 2013"]

This kid was barely out of school when he beat Tony Hawk's 1999 900 with a huge 1080 on the Mega Ramp at Barcelona 2013, becoming only the third member of the 1080 club and the first to stomp one at X Games.

He only managed a silver though, with the legend Bob Burnquist taking top honours.

[part title="Zach Warden Lands a Backflip Bikeflip to Late Tailwhip, 2013"]

You really need to slow this down and watch it a few times before you can comprehend just exactly what is going on here.

Zach Warden pulled off a backflip bikeflip to late tailwhip over the Mega-Ramp at Barcelona in 2013. And if that's wasn't enough, he then stomped a triple tail whip straight after to claim gold.

That's mind-boggling!

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