[series align='left'] Sick of dropping decreasingly subtle hints about what you want for Christmas to family members that don’t know their Les Arcs from their elbow?

Tired of being bought snow globes because your Nana thinks that’s what “ski boards" is about? Worry no more, dear reader. Mpora is here to save you. Shit, we’re here to save Christmas!

We’ve trawled the shops to find you the very best items to ask for this year. Just leave your browser open on the right page, and wait for your victi…. err, family member to check their emails and, Bob’s your uncle, the hint is dropped.

You can thank us later.

Xmas_Snowboarding_Gift_Guide__0003_oakley prizm flightdeck

What self-respecting grown-up kid wouldn’t want goggles based on those worn by fighter pilots? That’s exactly what the aptly name Oakley Flight Decks are.

The extra size in the lens gives you superior field of view when you’re up on the mountain (or running around the bedroom pretending you’re in Top Gun).

The changeable lens has the patented Oakley Prizm technology which, through all kinds of sciency sounding stuff, basically gives the wearer increased visibility when snowboarding. Idea for dodging annoying snowbladers.

£170.00 surfdome.com


Transform are among our favourite glove companies,  not least because they’re based here in the UK. Most importantly, they make absolutely rad Gloves.

These K.O Brighton gloves come complete with a nice naval looking print, and an anchor on the palm, both of which are as steezy as it comes. These chaps will keep your paws warm all season round.

£ t.b.k baddest.co.uk

Xmas_Snowboarding_Gift_Guide__0004_Oakley RAS

This backpack from Oakley covers pretty much every base you could hope for. Whether you're a serious back country rider, or away on your annual 7 days on snow.

It features a 30 litre capacity, vertical straps to carry your board (and ski holders - but don't let that put you off), a fleece lined google pocket to keep your bins scratch free, designated shovel and ice blade holders, a radio pocket, even a little whistle for either getting peoples attention, or having a micro-rave.

The bag's also designed to hold the Removable Airbag System (hence the R.A.S) in the name, which can be purchased separately.

All in all, this bag is perfect whether you need to fill it with all the back country essentials, or just the Mars bars and vodka you take to the slopes.

£160 oakley.com


These Shred goggles are rad, and ideal if you don't have the best part of £200 to shell out. There oversized gangster style not only looks sick, but it actually has a purpose. The large, spherical lens increases the field of vision dramatically, meaning you can see more stuff on the mountain.

But the goggle magic doesn't stop there. These Shrastawood's also have, what Shred call, a NO BS Lens Replacement System (NOBSLRS?), meaning you can swap and change your lenses depending on the condition's you're riding in (or just if you want your entire outfit to be perfectly accessorised).

£135.99 blue-tomato.com


Snowboarding is undoubtedly going through an earthy colours phase at the minute. The slopes are awash with browns, olive greens, dark burgundies...

That's rad and everything, but everyone needs a splash of colour in their seasons set up. That's were these sweet new Mr Glove-O mitts come in.

Available in a rather pimp looking electric blue leopard print, and the rainbow tie-die (featured), they'll add some sunshine to your grungy gear.

The CND loving smiley face on the palm is also perfect for waving goodbye to the ski-loving lifty who you know is just willing you to fall as you exit the station.

Oh yeah, they'll also keep your hands dry and warm, which is a definite plus.


£50 brocerystore.eu

Xmas_Snowboarding_Gift_Guide__0009_switch backs JB

While most binding have a standard height high back, this Jaeger Bailey pro model from Switchback features a cut down version called a Mid Back.

This tech-y waffle basically translates as you having a much loser, skate feel on the slope, which is ideal for the tweaked out style Bailey is known for.

The thing we really love about these, and all other Switchback bindings, however, is that they're completely customisable. Don't want Mid Backs? Swap them out for High Backs. Or even No Backs? You can change the foot beds, the straps... You can basically make your own personalised, perfect binding.

Although only a few years old,  Switchback have really made a splash in the world of snowboard bindings in a short time. It's not hard to see why.

£175.00 snowboard-asylum.com // snowlab.co.uk // blue-tomato.com

Xmas_Snowboarding_Gift_Guide__0002_McNair shirt

If you want to stand out among the crowds dressed in bright onesies or grungey snowboard jackets, this McNair shirt is just about perfect.

The Yorkshire based company make these classy looking, super tech shirts that will see you through all but the most brutal weather conditions the mountains can throw at you.

With a focus on natural materials, the shirts are made from merino wool. We have no idea what that is, but we do know it's incredibly warm and super comfortable. If you're looking to add a touch of class to your winter set up, a McNair shirt is a must have item.

£335 - £375 mcnairshirts.com

Xmas_Snowboarding_Gift_Guide__0001_forcefield boom

Maybe not the most exciting item on the list, but certainly one of the most essential. If there’s one feeling that all snowboarders can relate to, it’s the aches sustained from taking a day of knocks on the slopes.

Forcefield make some of the best snowboarding armour around, and we absolutely love their impact shorts. They’re ideal whether you’re just starting out, trying something new, or even a seasoned pro.

Slip these under your snowboard pants, and your Christmas (not to mention the rest of the year) wont be a pain in the arse.

Forcefield Boom Shorts are good enough for Team GB Olympians Jamie Nicholls and Jenny Jones, so they're definitely good enough for us.

£100 ellis-brigham.com // snowandrock.com // snowfit.co.uk/


Increasingly moving from a staple of the park rat uniform, to something adopted by all tribes of snowboarder, these Himinn belts from 7/9/13 are sick.

Being super light weight, and featuring buckles that flex with your bodies movement, they keep your oh-so baggy pants up without restricting your movement.

As if that wasn't enough, they come in incredibly useful in an emergency. Brace yourself for a top tip:

Normally, if your boot lace or BOA break when you're up the mountain, you're in for a really shitty ride back down the hill. So, whenever you go out, strap a few of these ace belts around your waist.

Then, if you suffer a shoe malfunction, you can strap one around your boot, keeping it tight and secure. Ideal for getting back down where you can get a more permanent replacement.

7/9/13 belts really are the gift that keep on giving.

£18.95 sevennine13.com

Xmas_Snowboarding_Gift_Guide__0005_Park mustard beanie

What is it your dear old mother used to say? You lose 80% of your body heat through your head? We're not about to call her a liar, even if science does.

Keep your swede warm this christmas with this stylish Park beanie. They come in a range of colours, but this mustard yellow number appeals to our shameful inner-hipster.

Made from a double-knit warm synthetic, these Park Jack hats are perfect whether you're hooning around Courchevel or catching the bus in Croydon.

£20 wearepark.co.uk