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Tents don't have to be boring. I know, you're thinking of those khaki green numbers that look about as nerdy/dull as trouser clips or socks with sandals. But there are some seriously cool shelters.

We don't mean novelty ones (although it is fun to sleep in a tent that looks like a London Underground train...). We mean actually space-age looking, technically top-notch, mind-blowing tents that will not only keep you warm and dry, but leave you looking like the raddest campers in the campsite.

Tents_0009_tent 2

Tentsile are masters when it comes to cool tents. They style themselves as the "treehouse you can take anywhere".

The idea is you string the triangular shelters up between three trees, suspending your tent above the ground. The trees don't need to be equally spaced and it locks tight using a ratchet system.

The Stingray can house up to three adults and has a floor hatch to hang a rope ladder down. Pretty sweet, no?

Tents_0008_tent 3

An inflatable tent sounds like something from Toys 'R' Us, right? Wrong.

This is the Heimplanet Cave and it's an inflatable geodesic dome, designed to be super sturdy, lightweight and simple to put up.

We gave it a go on a camping trip to the Outer Hebrides - and can confirm it's as easy to inflate as they say it is. If it can withstand 30mph wind and rain battering its sides for 10 hours, then it gets our vote.

Tents_0007_tent 4

Japanese company Logos invented this insane tent called the Decagon. It consists of different tents and tunnels that can be connected to create an infinite number of rooms.

A ten-sided decagon forms the base with five doors opening into sleeping areas, a 16-man dining area and even space to fix the tarpaulin to your car boot.

Ideal when it's raining and you left your dry socks in the car.

Tents_0006_tent 5

Now this is a good idea. Park up somewhere beautiful and pop your tent out on top of your car.

Canadian company Treeline Outdoors make some rad products, including the Annex tent which has a sleeping compartment above and one-man chilling area below with a ladder to climb up.

Tents_0005_tent 6

Now this one's going to take more than five minutes to put up and chuck your belongings into. The Cocoon Tree is the orb-like answer to treetop camping.

Inside there's a 2.4m circular bed, large enough to sleep two people comfortably. On the downside, they're said to cost between £3,000 - £9,000.

Just make sure you tie those knots Boy Scout-style, otherwise you'll end up with a sore back when it comes crashing to the ground.

Tents_0004_tent 7

Giant hamster ball or tent? The Bubble Tree isn't the most practical of tents. You can't pick it up and carry it wherever you want. However, you can pitch it somewhere sweet and enjoy the 360 degree view from your bed.

Might be a bit creepy at night and crazy hot when the sun comes up in the morning, but still pretty rad.

Tents_0003_tent 8

Orange (yep, the mobile phone company) pooled their creativity with product design company Kaleidoscope to create the world's first solar power tent.

Using “photovoltaic" solar threads, they planned to create a solar panel roof, allowing campers to charge their phones, use WiFi - and even keep the groundsheet warm.

They showcased this futuristic wonder at Glastonbury Festival in 2003, but we sadly haven't seen it since.

Tents_0002_tent 9

It was only a matter of time before someone invented something as silly as the JakPak.

As you've probably guessed by now, it's a jacket that transforms into a full-blown one-man tent.

Ignoring the fact that it looks worryingly like a body bag, it's a pretty tech piece of kit with waterproof breathable fabric, complete with ventilation for your armpits. Nice!

Tents_0001_tent 10

This is an ingenious idea for a one-man tent that also keeps your saddle dry - the Bikamper.

It uses the front of a 26" mountain bike instead of poles and when packed down, it's smaller enough to clip onto your handlebars and not be a pain in the ass.

Tents_0000_tent 11

The city of Borgloon in Belgium is home to this amazing teardrop-shaped tents, created by artist Dré ​​Wapenaar and enticingly called Boom Tents.

During the summer, you can stay in one of these two-man tents hanging from a tree for €70 per night.

Just don't ask us how you get in or out.