Here at Mpora, we love puns. We love yoga puns. We love ski puns. We love travel puns. We love puns about anything, and everything. If puns were a tasty beverage, we'd down it. If puns were a food, we'd gorge ourselves stupid on them. Puns. Puns. Puns. We love puns.

We also love camping. And what happens when a love of camping meets a love of puns? You guessed it. Camping puns. Hilarious, laugh-out-loud, so-bad-they-re-good, camping puns. Enjoy.

1) You can't run through a campsite. You can only ran... because it's past tents

"Hahahahaha! Ran...because it's past tents. CAMPING PUNS" (Photo via Getty Images).

Camping Puns

2) Went bivvy bagging in a bowl of chicken korma. It was mild camping

3) I told the doctor that I'm so stressed I feel like a pair of gazebos. He told me I'm two tents

4) I once went wild camping inside a kitchen utensil used for straining solids from liquids. It was sievey bagging

5) Did you hear about the pair of honey-making insects that fell in love on a camping trip? It was tent two bee

"Hahahahaha! Seriously, these camping puns are just too good" (Photo via Getty Images).

Camping Puns

6) Kendrick Lamar was really enjoying his camping trip, until he had to put up his tent. "Pitch, don't kill my vibe," he said

7) Adventurous painter and decorators won't go anywhere without their camping matte

8) Went camping with Crowded House. They all had four-season-in-one-day sleeping bags

9) My friend didn't have a tent with him so he pissed on a bag of Earl Grey. "Tea-pee," he said

"Hahahahahaha! These camping puns are tastier than a cup of tea" (Photo via Getty Images).

Camping Puns

10) Built an emergency shelter out of cereal boxes. Called it my snap, crackle, and pop-up tent

11) Went camping with Mo Farah, Alistair Brownlee, Laura Trott, and Jason Kenny. It was a right champ-site

12) When I was naughty as a kid, I had to serve as the floor of a tent as punishment. Man, I hated being the grounded-sheet

13) Ever had sex while camping? It's fucking in-tents

14) I asked my llama if his cousin wanted to go camping. He said alpaca tent

"Hahahahahahahaha! ALPACA TENT" (Photo via Getty Images).

Camping Puns

15) I lost my job keeping people warm at the campsite. "You're fired wood," they said

16) When the man said that he was pitching me his business, I didn't realise he was selling his only tent

17) I had planned to show a friend the inside of my camping set up, but in the end he only got to see the outside. When he looked disappointed I said sorry, that was not my in-tent

18) I never bring my OCD friend to music festivals because it tents to get messy


Camping Puns

19) I told my mate he was shit at lighting firewood. He got really angry. I told him he had the wrong end of the stick

20) I wasn't sure about camping but a guy roped me into it

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