Screen Shot: '10 Ways To Use A Condom'

Condom Survival

Condoms! What are they good for? Other than preventing unplanned pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections, that is. Well, if this video is anything to go by, condoms are actually good for more than you might have originally thought. They might even save your life in a wilderness survival situation.

Condoms? Yes! Condoms! We're not even joking. And the presenters in this video, an Ant and Dec pairing from an alternative reality, they're not joking either. OK, they might be joking a bit. In fact, if we didn't know better, we'd probably say that this whole video is a joke.

Hahahahahahaha! LOL! ROFL! LMFAO! LOLcano! LOLcanic eruption! LOLly Parton. #CondomLOLz #WearCondoms #SafeSexIsImportant #Sex #CondomComedy #CondomBanter #CondomSurvival #ArchbishopOfBanterburyAndCondoms.

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