If you've ever been on a snowy mountain, stood in the middle of an emerald green jungle or sat on an idyllic beach, and thought how perfect it would be to get away from it all and permanently live in such a place; you're in luck.

The Ecocapsule is a pocket-size (ok, it's not quite pocket-size), 86 square-foot living capsule that will soon enable owners to live virtually anywhere in the world. Each individual pod will come with sleeping space for two, a fully functioning toilet, a desk, a kitchenette, two windows and storage space.


These capsules, which are currently in the pre-production stage, collect and process rainwater on their own. They are powered entirely by the sun and wind. Seriously, if these things were any cleverer they'd be on University Challenge answering correctly before J-Pax was halfway through a question.

Ecocapsule's don't grow on trees, of course, so we imagine these things will probably cost a fair whack. At the time of writing, pricing for these habitable pods has yet to be announced.

The people behind the capsules, Slovakia-based Nice Architects, have however revealed some rough shipping fees for various cities around the world. If you live in Johannesburg, you better start saving now as shipping fees alone will cost you an eye-watering 2700 euros.


So, you'll probably have to sell the majority of your organs in order to afford one of these. And, let's face it, getting this thing from extreme location to 'extremier' location is going to be more headache-inducing than an orchestra getting hijacked by 100 screaming, Haribo-riddled, toddlers.

That being said, it's good to dream. Nobody can stop you dreaming, so why not dream a little? Look, come on, we're not going to stop you dreaming. Let your imagination off the leash for a minute, and dream of living far away from the city in one of these seriously cool capsule-pod...things.


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