A film crew searching for rare fish in on the coast of Australia, accidentally found a castaway, who had been stranded on a deserted island during their shoot yesterday.

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Animal Planet host Jeremy Wade and his crew were searching for Queensland Grouper fish 60 miles away from the shore, when they came across the man, emerging from a cave on the shore.

The confused and dehydrated man started shouting for help and waving when he heard the boat's motors.


The man, known only as Tremine, is a hobby fisherman from Borroloola, in Australia’s Northern Territory, who had been castaway alone on the island for nearly three days in scorching temperatures.

Tremaine said he had reached a shore he didn't recognise and had been hit by bad heatstroke, he had stayed in the cave for the whole second day and night, before he was found.

"His life hung by the thinnest of threads"

“We first of all saw a cooler on the rocks and then one of us spotted — so there’s somebody there, there’s somebody there" Wade says “he was pretty desperate."


The crew gave Tremaine water and rehydration tablets, but when he immediately threw them back up, they took him back to their lodge.

“I remember that evening when we were all back in the lodge how quiet he was — just kept shaking his head," Shearman says in the footage. “His life hung by the thinnest of threads."