Bear Grylls Michelle Rodriguez Whip Up a Mouse Urine Broth

Assuming that you’ve just read the headline above, we’re guessing you have some pretty weird questions you’d quite like answered – not least why Bear Grylls just made Hollywood A-list actress Michelle Rodriguez eat a mouse soaked in her own urine on Running Wild.

Well, the accepted answer to that question seems to be that the stunt was for his show Running Wild, currently airing on NBC in America, though we’re not sure any TV celebrity, no matter how awesome, could make us eat a piss mouse. I mean, there’s survival, and then there’s... well, eating a piss mouse, and if we’re being honest, that’s not really our scene.

Nevertheless, this Running Wild footage is pretty damn hypnotic; the bewildered Fast and Furious actress squirming as she eats a mouse cooked in her very own urine while a grinning Bear Grylls watches on, casually sipping from “the leftover broth". We’re still not sure if he’s a genius or a lunatic, but either way we love him so. We'd say that the Bear Grylls Michelle Rodriguez combination made a great duo and is worth the watch.

Here's a bonus: interested to see the US president snack on some raw fish? We were too. Head on over to check it out. Watch: Barack Obama Eat A Chewed-Up Fish Carcass... With Bear Grylls

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