Photo: Eric Nathan

The winners of the 6th International Earth & Sky Photo Contest have been announced, and they're absolutely awesome. None of your second-rate Instagram nonsense here, just genuinely stunning images of the sky at night.

The winners of the contest, which received about 1,000 entries, were chosen by a panel of nine judges. According to those associated with the contest, people from 54 countries and territories submitted photos to the competition; making it a genuinely global affair.

The contest's overall winner was Eric Nathan. Nathan, a photographer living in South Africa and the UK, won the "Against the Lights" category and was also chosen as the overall winner. His breathtaking photograph, which you can see at the top of this post, shows a trail of stars above Cape Town's Table Mountain.

Photo: Hui Chieh Teoh.
Photo: Caren Zhao.
Photo: Evgeny Trisko.
Photo: Lyubov Trifonova.
Photo: Brad Goldpaint.
Photo: Evgeny Trisko.
Photo: Zhou Yannan.
Photo: Ben Coffman.
Photo: Sigurdur William Brynjarsson.

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