Image: Oskar Pernefeldt.

Have you ever laid awake at night, worried that planet earth doesn't have it's own flag? Well, my worried friends, worry no longer. Because a man from Stockholm (where else?), called Oskar Pernefeldt, has designed this absolute beauty.

'International Flag Of Planet Earth' By Oskar Pernefeldt.

As you can see, the graphic designer's proposal for the International Flag Of Planet Earth is predominantly blue. This symbolises the fact that 70% of the world, on which we live, is covered in water.

The seven rings combine to form a flower which, as well as water, is another representation of life. The rings are connected to remind us that everything is linked to everything else, whether directly or indirectly, and that cooperation is vital to our future endeavours...or something like that.

What are your thoughts on this flag proposal? Would you, for example, stand proudly beneath it when our earth-olympians are winning gold medals at the intergalactic olympics? Do you think it encapsulates everything that's great about our planet, or is it just some wanky-graphic-design-shit?

Image: Oskar Pernefeldt.
Image: Oskar Pernefeldt.

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