Photo: Fredrik Von Erichsen.

Whichever way your opinion-pie is baked, whichever way your cookie crumbles, there's no denying that the moon does a pretty great job for us humans back here on earth. Without the moon looking out for us, we'd all be up no-moon creek without a moon.

The tides would be royally fudged, our nights would be veiled in permanent darkness, and that seminal album from Pink Floyd would be called something pants like "The Shadowy Side of the Sandwich."

Does the moon ask for anything in return? No, not really. All the moon wants is for us to look up at it now and then, and say "thanks moon, you look nice this evening." In the early hours of this morning, we got a once-in-a-generation opportunity to look up at the moon and see it looking even nicer than usual.

A "blood moon", which we won't be seeing again until October 2033, is the result of a lunar eclipse coinciding with the closest full moon of the year. It's a seriously rare thing and, because of this, many people decided to wake up early and snap a load of photos of it. If you couldn't be bothered to wake up at silly o'clock, we've compiled this gallery in an effort to showcase what you missed.

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