Remember Arx Pax? No neither do we. But we bet you remember when they invented a legit looking Hoverboard that they called the Hendo.

As you can imagine, the thought of a legit hoverboard got the world quite excited. The Hendo even made it to the number one spot in Time Magazines Top 25 inventions of 2014.

And now, NASA are using the Hendo Hoverboard. Sadly, we're not about to see astronauts hooning around Mars on a deck. The space boffins want to harness the same magnetic arrangements as the hoverboard to hold objects in space.

Hendo inventor Greg Henderson told Fox News "Likely uses for this technology include manipulating various types of objects at a distance without touching them or colliding with them. One example could be moving an object, like a satellite, or holding it stationary without physical contact."

So, basically, a tractor beam. We have no idea what we'd use it for, but we do know that we want one, and want one now.

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