Photo: Scott Kelly/Nasa.

You know when you go to fancy art exhibitions, wearing a red beret like the cartoon of an artistic Frenchman, and you look at the walls, and you think, on some level, that the art you're looking at isn't even art at all. Come on. We've all been there.

You immediately stop what you're doing, you find yourself overcome by a wave of doubt, you stop twiddling your overly curly art-man moustache and then you whisper quietly, like a mouse, something along the lines of "what a load of shit."

The reason we've mentioned this, and by doing so reminded you of that time you got dragged around an art gallery against your will, is because these mind-melting photos of Australia taken from space look exactly like the kind of guff you might slag off at the Tate Modern (you cultural philistine, you).

Photo: Scott Kelly/Nasa - Red Sand Dudes (Central Australia).
Photo: Scott Kelly/Nasa - Enhanced To Show Landscape.
Photo: Scott Kelly/Nasa - Red Centre (Australia).
Photo: Scott Kelly/Nasa - Eroded Desert Landscape.

Space Photo

Photo: Scott Kelly/Nasa - Water Flows Into Outback Lake (Australia).

Space Photo

Photo: Scott Kelly/Nasa - Lake Everard (South Australia).

Space Photo

Photo: Scott Kelly/Nasa - Salt Lake (Australia).

Space Photo

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