Screen Shot: REEL NASA (via YouTube).


Space. It rhymes with face, place, mace, trace, plaice (the flat-fish), ace, base, lace, case, race and pace. But, believe it or not, a decent number of rhyming words is not the most amazing thing about space.

Up in space there's black holes, giant balls of hot gas, strange planets, belts made of asteroids, and the incomprehensible scale of the universe. Oh, and there's that whole zero-gravity thing.

This awesome NASA video, filmed with 4K camera technology, shows exactly how awesome zero-gravity can be. It features a medicinal tablet being dissolved in water...

*disappointed silence...tumbleweed rolls by...a cat yawns*

Photo: Jack Clayton.


Of course on earth, this wouldn't exactly make for thrill-a-minute footage on earth. In fact, it would probably be the most boring footage ever recorded.

In space, however, the whole process of adding a tablet to water turns into something weirdly beautiful and beautifully weird.

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