Photo: Drink Mtn. Tap

Sick of paying for bottled water in ski resorts? Us too.

Every year, 40 billion plastic water bottles end up in a land fill or in the ocean - and that's just in America alone.

The plastic problem across our planet is a big one - you only need to watch this video to see why.

Legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones has started a campaign called Drink Mtn Tap as a way of encouraging people to rethink using single-use plastic such as water bottles. Check out the awesome video below.

Photo: Drink Mtn Tap

Now, in Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resort in California, USA, they have installed 20 water stations around the mountain, so you can fill up your own reusable water bottle for free.

They are also selling special collapsible refillable water bottles in resort for $3 USD - which is the same price as one of the old single-use bottles, plus they scrunch down small enough to fit in your jacket pocket.

This change in Squaw Valley alone will remove at least 28,000 plastic bottles from the waste stream each year.

Photo: Drink Mtn Water

It's seems crazy in a country where there is perfectly safe drinking water that so much waste and expense is created. This solution sounds like a simple but great idea.

We're hoping other places and people around the world will look at Jeremy's campaign - and hopefully change their plastic use habits around the world.