Believe it or not, this crazy contraption isn't the latest development in jet-powered armour - it is in fact a fire truck. But it's definitely the most badass fire truck ever built.

Hungarian engineers took the tracks of a WWII-era Russian T34 tank and strapped the jet engines from a MiG-21 to the top this beast.

It was apparently first used in 1991 to put out the raging oil fires set by Saddam Hussein's army as they retreated from Kuwait.

Each of the jet engines delivers 27,000lbs of thrust, capable of powering a MiG at more than twice the speed of sound.



Recently the contraption - known as Big Wind - has been rolled out again to put out fires on commercial oil fields.

"Each of the jet engines delivers an incredible 27,000lbs of thrust, capable of powering a MiG fighter at more than twice the speed of sound."

There are six fire hoses around each jet engine, which release up to 8,000 gallons of water a minute. Turn the jet engines on and you can send that cloud of spray straight at a fire at 770mph.

It's basically the ultimate water canon. Apparently if you parked a family saloon in front of it you'd blow out the windows and buckle the bodywork before blowing it away.

Bet the Met Police would love to get their hands on one of these. Let's hope they never do. 

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