I think we can all agree that ice cream is a good thing, and climate-change is a bad thing. It's not exactly a controversial statement that one but, in light of this latest campaign from Ben & Jerry's, we feel like it needs to be said.

So, to clarify, our thumbs go up for delicious frozen dairy product and our thumbs go down for melting ice caps and rising sea levels. This video from everyone's favourite ice-cream brand (if it isn't your favourite, you need to reassess your values), left us with a mixed bag of emotions.

Watching this, with the sound turned down, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was an erotic slice of Marks & Spencer food porn. You know the food porn we're talking about, the type where creamy butter melts over hot scones...and Dervla Kirwan's voiceover makes you go all unnecessary.

Turn the sound up, however, and this food porn suddenly becomes a lot less appetising/arousing (delete where necessary). It's all to do with climate-change you see, the potentially-catastrophic problem that refuses to go away.

Using the symbolism of melting ice-cream to highlight how slight changes in temperature can ruin the party for everyone is a cheap trick, but it does sort of get the message across. Even if that message is delivered in a slightly cheesy, preachy, tone of voice.


Let's face it, an uninhabitable world and a world without ice cream are just two sides of the same coin.

If you can't live in the world, because there's no dry land left to stand on, you probably won't be able to produce ice cream (unless you start milking sea-cows, but that's not really a road we want to go down). And if you flip it the other way, the earth without ice cream is basically a one-sentence synopsis for the next Cormac McCarthy novel.

So, what have we learned from this? That ice cream is nice, global warming is bad and that Ben & Jerry's are quite good at reminding us of these two things. If you're interested, B & J's new climate-change themed flavour is called 'Save Our Swirled' (because Swirled sounds a bit like World). HoHoHo!

No, but seriously, climate change is no laughing matter.

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