SRF0912_CUR, Benji Weatherley

SRF0912_CUR, Benji Weatherley

Stripes of white or blue sunscreen across the nose, forehead and cheeks is a sure sign of a real, legit surfer type.

While holiday makers like to lay out and bake in midday sun, a real surfer knows that a sunburned face can make the difference between a whole day in the line up and going home a 4pm...

We're really not happy with the news therefore, from Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology this week, that our  trusty sunblock might be seriously bad for the ocean we're surfing in!


The problem lies in the ultraviolet-absorbing compound found it most types of sunscreen, called Oxybenzone.

Oxybenzone not only kills coral, but it also disrupts their growth, increases coral bleaching, and damages the DNA of coral.

What has been blamed on oceanic acidity for the last few years could, in part, be down to our skin care...


There is something we can do however!

While most major brands of sunscreen do have the compound, there are plenty of overs that choose not to use it.

Here's a list of 236 options that you're safe to wear, from The Environmental Working group.