We all know that uncontrolled industrialization is leading to the destruction of natural habitats and the imbalance of our natural world.

When we constantly hear the facts, but hardly ever see the effect however, it's easy to put out of our minds.

This amazing new project from environmental activists Robin Wood however, shows the effects of man's effect on the natural world in a exceptionally powerful way.


These posters, designed by Surachai Puthikulangkura, present in no uncertain terms, exactly who is effected by the change in environment and the level to which it effects their livelihood.

Oil drilling, deforestation, intense agriculture are problems we all know about, but these illustrations have made us want to take a stand and stop accepting what is happening to the planet round us.

The posters have made a huge impact on many people, so Robin Wood have decided to sell them here on their online blog, with proceeds going towards to the prevention of deforestation.

Check out the illustrations below...


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