These photos are hard to look at, but without them we can sometimes forget the reality of what effect the pollution and waste produced by humans has on the rest of the planet.

Each person in the Western world generates around 4.31 pounds of trash every single day and that number will only continue to rise.

There will be 15 billion people living on planet Earth in 64-years, we can't continue to pollute the planet at the rate we currently do.

This is the real effect the human race has on the planet each and every day...

1) This koala sits in the place where its home used to be, before deforestation.


2) Seal in pain after getting caught in plastic waste


3) Child swims through the polluted waters in India


4) These penguins swim through oil filled waters every day to catch fish


5) This turtle has grown up disfigured after getting caught in plastic can holders, early in life


6) This sea bird is trapped in discarded waste


7) Plastic washing out to sea in Northern Bali


8) Seal unable to eat, after getting caught in discarded beach waste