How much time would you be prepared to put into your dream home?

Wayne Adams and Catherine King have put 20 years into their own paradise- a floating island near the coast of Vancouver Island in British Colombia

The two artists have spent the last two decades building the structure, which is anchored the island in an inlet on the Pacific coast - and their not done yet...

The sculptor and retired ballerina and carver, set out to create a self sustainable and 100 per cent eco friendly haven, away from the consumer driven lifestyle of built up cities.

The result is this awesome "Freedom Cove," a "floating food garden."

The cover, which is painted teal and pink and has it's own miniature lighthouse, is used both as a home and to grow fruit and vegetables, which the couple sells to nearby towns to create an income.

The couple has lived in the cove for the past two decades and raised their two children there.

They welcome kayaks and curious holiday makers to explore the structure and surrounding waters and learn more about sustainable living.

An awesome example of making alternative living work and living in tune with the nature around you in a modern way!