For a while now, we've been under the impression that going veggie is good for the earth, as well as great for animals and your health.

New findings published this week are suggesting however, that this might not be as true as we've been led to believe...

Scientists from  the Carnegie Mellon University have released finding suggesting that eating veggie might be worse for the environment than a meaty diet.


The findings, published in Environment Systems and Decisions journal, claim that veggies need many more resources per calorie than you would think.

Lettuce has been singled out as a particularly bad offender, for the large amount of water necessary to grow a crop, in contrast meats like pork that use less resources.


Don't feel too cocky though, carnivores.

The study still stated that a vegetarian diet is still a way healthier lifestyle and that farming livestock contributes to an enormous proportion of global emissions.

We don't think we're up for giving up the green stuff quite yet...