Have you ever considered what happens to your body when you die? A bleak question, we know! But bear with us...

We're told about all the toxins in our bodies from clean eating health gurus wanting us to lead a healthy life, but once we've kicked it, it seems that our bad habits in life could actually harm not just us, but the planet too!

Jae Rhim Lee and Mike Ma and their company Coeio have designed a suit that turns makes sure that you don't harm the planet once you're worm food.

To do this, they've developed a death suit that essentially turns your body into an 'all you can eat' for mushrooms.....Nice.


“I am interested in cultural death denial, and why we are so distanced from our bodies, and especially how death denial leads to funeral practices that harm the environment" says Coeio.

"Using formaldehyde and pink make-up and all that to make your loved one look vibrant and alive, so that you can imagine they’re just sleeping rather than actually dead."

“Once we accept that we are part of the environment, we see that the survival of our species is connected to the survival of out planet."

Sounds pretty nuts. If it helps to save the planet however, it might just be worth giving it a go!

Check out they're crazy idea here and make up your own mind....