When you're living in the wild, hiking across the country and generally adventuring, there's no room or excess and you need to be prepared for all eventualities.

We've put together a few handy hacks that are super easy to incorporate into your adventures and super light to take in your bag.

Having a few handy hacks up your sleeve can make your life easier or in serious cases, save your life. From using an acorn and sage, to creating a makeshift BBQ and protecting your cash, these hacks will make your adventures so much easier.

Got some suggestions of your own? Leave them in the comments box below.

1 ) Burn Sage At Night


Fed up of bugs hanging around your campfire at night? Burning sage on your campfire will keep insects away from your camp and your tent for most of the night!

2) Acorn Cap Whistle


If you find yourself alone and in trouble in the forest, look for an acorn. Acorn caps can be used as a loud whistle to attract attention. Hold the acorn caps between two thumbs and blow.

3) Turn A Plastic Bottle Into A Spoon


Without cutlery? Make a makeshift spoon from an old water bottle!

4) Johnson Baby Oil Keeps Away Mosquitos


Did you know that baby oil is a great mosquito repellent?! If you're out of bug spray, you don't have to be eaten alive!

5) Tic Tac Spices


Camping cooking doesn't have to be freeze dried. Take spices along in tic tac boxes you can always whip up a chilli, no matter what mountain side your sleeping on!

6) Orange Candle


Fill half an orange skin with cooking oil and light the stem. Instant candle!

7) Pencil Sharpener For Kindling


Need kindling? If you have pencil sharpener on you, you can create dry and thin kindling no matter what the weather.

8) Key Cork


Connect a cork to your keys to make sure they don't sink if you go surfing, kayaking and swimming along the way.

9) Tin Can BBQ


Empty your beans and turn the can into an easy BBQ, simple!

10) Empty Chapstick For Your Money


If you're worried about thieves, put your notes into an empty chapstick and keep it on you at all time. Not only will you keep it much safer, you'll be less likely to lost your money if it's divided into two different places.