Have you ever had that dream where you're doing an important presentation at work, and then you look down and realise that you're not wearing your trousers? It's a classic, isn't it? A stone cold classic. The "I forgot to put my trousers on" nightmare is as well known as that one where literally all of your teeth fall out, or that one where you're falling, or that one where you inexplicably go on a road trip to Blackpool with Robert De Niro, Tony Soprano, and Mr Blobby.

OK. That last one's probably just me... err... anyway... moving on.

Travel clothing brand Craghoppers' hilarious new advertising campaign toys with the whole trouser dream concept brilliantly. The videos are surreal, beautifully shot, and pack a lol-inducing visual punchline. You can watch the mixed gender one at the top, and the gender specific ones below.

As well as being funny, the videos, if we can put our serious film theory hat on for a moment, also underline the importance of keeping your legs protected when walking about in unpredictable environments. With their water repellent qualities, as well as their durability and sun-shielding characteristics, you can sleep safe in the knowledge that trousers with a Craghoppers logo on will defend your lower half in ways that lesser trousers ('jeggings' - we're looking at you) simply won't.

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