A few weeks back we teamed up with our sister sites (including Dirt, Sidewalk, Cooler and Surf Europe) to set a challenge to our readers: Submit your best photos using the hashtag #JobyPhoto and the best one would win a goody bag of Joby mobile tripod accessories and £500 in cold, hard cash.

"Turns out our readers are a seriously talented bunch. The standard is ridiculously high."

Turns out our readers are a seriously talented bunch. There have been over 1,200 entries so far and the standard is ridiculously high. Here are a few highlights, chosen by the editorial team here at Mpora and photo editors from across the Factory Media network.

This isn't a shortlist of finalists because there's still time to enter - the competition doesn't close until next Monday (23rd October). And remember, you don’t have to go out and take a new photo, you can just tag an old one with #JobyPhoto to get your entry in. This is just a bit of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing...

1) This Great Mountain Biking Shot from @TristanTinn

A post shared by Tristan Tinn (@tristantinn) on

2) This Classy BMX Photo by @anthonypearson63

A post shared by Anthony Pearson (@anthonypearson63) on

3) This Moody Surfing Lifestyle Shot by @ewanthackerphoto

A post shared by E W A N | T H A C K E R (@ewanthackerphoto) on

4) This Nighttime Shot by @fodmtb

A post shared by Forest of Dean MTB (@fodmtb) on

5) This Sketchy-Looking Scrambling Shot @_kanderson_

A post shared by Katy Anderson (@_kanderson_) on

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