People often claim unfortunate events are the stuff of nightmares. Anything from a Council Tax reminder to the seemingly constant inability of any branch of Greggs to keep their sausage rolls warm (“They’re not that warm, is that alright?” Of course not, no.)

However, when Justin Bilton and his 70 year old father went hiking in Wyoming and Montana, what happened to them really was the stuff of nightmares. They found themselves caught in the middle of a forest fire.

The pair had set up camp in Glacier National Park, amid the Rocky Mountains. Sounds glorious, right? However, before long a lightning storm struck the area. The lightning caused a forest fire - the danger of which rangers had warned of. However, potential fires were not expected to spread.

"The fire grew, and so I said to my father, 'I think we need to get out of here"

Unfortunately, the wind in the area shifted, and the fire grew rapidly. Speaking to the local press, Bilton said “We watched it a while longer and realised that it looked like the fire definitely grew and so I said to my father, 'I think we need to get out of here.'".

No shit.

The pair headed to their car and tried to make their escape from the inferno. However, as they went on, the fire only grew in intensity, the flames getting ever closer and closer to the small dirt track they were on. The fear is audible in their voices throughout the dash-cam video.

Charles Bilton, being the absolute dad that he is, tried to remain calm and reassure his son that everything would be OK, and urged him to drive slowly, knowing an accident on the road could, at that juncture, prove fatal.

After only a few minutes driving, the pair come across a burning log in the road, and they realised they were trapped. They decided to leave the car - something that seemingly proved decisive in saving their lives. They headed back, away from the flames and were eventually rescued by park rangers who happened to be passing by boat.

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