Anyone who enjoys a weekend hiking in the countryside and up and around mountains knows the pain of losing your bearings with only a few hours to find your way home.

It doesn't matter how well you plan, phone batteries die, clouds obscure your path, maps get lost and somehow, you still often end up lost.

In Switzerland however, a mysterious person has found a way to help lost hikers, with this amazing home-made 'mountain finder' signpost.


The signpost, which is make up of old pieces of metal piping, points towards different mountains, with labels to point out where each one is.

Look through the pipes and you can also see an un-obstructed view of the mountain you need to get to, handy as after a few hours, all those peaks can start to look way too similar!

How come no one has ever considered making this super simple idea a reality before?! We think its rad.


The signpost was discovered by a passing hiker and posted on Reddit, but no one knows who the mysterious inventor is.

Hopefully they will soon come forward, so they can start making theses signposts for hikers all over the world!

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