The  aurora in Sheffield... Photo: David Hufton

The spectacular aurora borealis have become the not-so Northern Lights in the past few days, becoming visible in Scotland, Northern England and even Wales as the Earth has lined up with the sun.

The only problem? Not many people knew they would be able to see the lights, and they're not too happy about it. While the blood moon and solar eclipse were nationwide news before they took to the skies, you'd have to have been glued to the internet, or y'know, have looked up at the skies to tell that the Northern Lights had arrived.

If you missed out on the phenomenon, keep your eyes on the skies for the next few weeks, as scientists predict that they may just return. Until then, take solace in the fact that you're not the only one who missed out, and you're certainly not the most frustrated...

1) Fuck

2) Awkward

3) Caps Lock



4) Lost It

5) Bitter

6) Red Moon

7) Shite



8) Lies

9) WTF

10) F*?!%

11) Fukin.


12) Bit Mean...

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