This incredibly footage is of the stratovolcano Calbuco erupting in April this year. Found in southern Chile, it differs from your regular, straight-out-the-box volcano by being made up of thousands of layers of solidified lava, so it's kind of like a self-made effort.

The FireStorm Films crew, who happened to be in the area filming another volcano, when Calbuco started to blow it's top for the first time in decades, immediately whipped out all of their camera gear and shot the majesty in computer snapping 4k.

When reviewing the footage, the crew realised that, not only did they manage to get the stunning eruption in incredible detail, but they also managed to catch the rare phenomenon that is volcano lightning.

So, if you do have a laptop capable of launching a space station, clock that cog and whack the quality up high enough to get a tan.

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