We're not usually ones to get excited about fog. I mean, what is there to say?'s foggy.'s difficult to see through.'s like a cloud that's forgotten how to fly.'s quite boring.

Or, at least, that's what we thought until we saw these stunning photographs that were snapped off the New Jersey coast on Sunday. We had no idea it was possible for fog to look so much like an apocalyptic tsunami, until these images popped out of the inter-web and into our fog-apathetic laps.

Suddenly, fog had our undivided attention. A long ignored weather pattern had grabbed us by the eyeballs, and was screaming into our faces: "I AM FOG. LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT MY FOGGY GOODNESS. I DARE YOU TO NOT BE IMPRESSED BY ME. YOURS SINCERELY, MR FOG."

The National Weather Service explained the cause of this ominous phenomenon by saying that warm air blowing off colder ocean water can result in rapidly-cooling air that can then condense into offshore fog banks. Due to strong winds blowing on the shore, where the temperature was warmer, the fog bank was unable to move inland and hovered ominously like an incoming tsunami.

According to the NWS, fog is common along the New Jersey Shore at this time of year. Rarely, though, do fog banks look quite as frightening as this one did. Imagine living on the New Jersey coastline, looking out your window one morning and seeing this tsunami-doppelgänger; you'd shit yourself.

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