You dream of it every day through your childhood. And then you grow up. And then you dream of it every day through your adulthood. We are of course talking about using a flamethrower.

So what would you do if you actually got a flamethrower for a day? Fight crime? Attack your noisy neighbours? Dry you washing and your hair really fast? No, of course you wouldn’t. You’d run around doing cool shit and filming it. Because that’s really what flamethrowers are all about.

Take the dude in this video, who got DUAL-WIELDING – the dream grows – flamethrowers, and then pretended he was that bad guy from that film with those flamethrowers in it.

The teaser and the full review of the thing are both below... skip to about 7.30 in the full thing to see him take on a bottle of water and a bottle of soda with the beast:

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