Where as once we climbed mountains to feel small and inconsequential, to test ourselves to the limit, and to remind ourselves of the power and beauty of nature, now we mostly do it for the selfies. We summit to pimp our feed, so we can impress upon our friends how much gnarlier and well-travelled we are than them.

So with that in mind, it's great news that Japan has recognised this shift and decided to install Wi-Fi on Mount Fuji, lest your photo sit unviewed (in which case does it really exist?) in your phone while you descend from the summit of the country's tallest peak.

Credit: iStock/FranckReporter

According to Time Magazine, this isn't just about self-promotion though. It will also allow the hikers to check the weather and stay safe when climbing the 3,776m volcano. But mostly it's about the selfies.

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