Screen Shot: YouTube (peter s p Lim).

Look, we know we've been a bit heavy with the balls recently. 96 million black plastic balls, red hot nickel balls, basketballs; you name it. If it's a ball of some sort, and it's been doing something vaguely interesting, you can bet your limited edition marble collection that we've written something about it.

"You're not going to show us another video of a ball doing something, are you?" says someone in the corner.

"Stop showing us your balls!" complains someone else.

We won't lie to you, it's another ball video. But, honestly, we think you might really enjoy this one. It's a video of a ping pong ball doing some weird Harry Potter shit, after getting dunked in liquid nitrogen. What's not to love about that? Heck, if you don't like the police...tell them we've been showing you balls on the internet.

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