Are you sitting comfortably? Well you better be, because we’re about to show you a scientific way to muck about with some metals that’ll pretty much make you look like a Jedi.

A bit of background first; back in 1833 there was a chap called Heinrich Emil Lenz, a German physicist with a tough name to spell, who came up with a law of electromagnetic induction, because, y’know, he wanted to impress the ladies and all.

Basically, what he worked out is that when a current meets a conductor, a magnetic field is generated. Subsequently, that field works against the usual gravitational functions of the world and makes the video below possible – where you can see a magnet, which produces a current in a copper pipe, floating slowly through the pipe after a magnetic field has been generated.

Bring this out at your next house party and you're sure to a) amaze all your friends, and b) be called a w*nker for bringing a magnet and a copper pipe to a party.

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