There's a lot to celebrate this week. The weather forecast is looking lush, England are good at football again, and Friday is payday. But more exciting than all of that nice stuff combined is the fact that this week, yes - this very week, the Outdoors Magic 100 is walking into your life wearing a stylish weatherproof jacket, Gore-Tex lined boots, and trousers that zip off at the knee. Is it the best one yet? My good man, you better believe it's the best one yet. 

So what can you, reading this now, expect from this year's OM 100? Well, there's words. Lots of really well written words (even if we do say so ourselves). There's pictures, shot by the supremely talented Chris Johnson. There's videos filmed by the equally talented John Fisher. There's tester's verdicts from industry insiders. And there's Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex by the lorry-load.

The featured products have been thoroughly tested in a variety of locations including Snowdonia, the Peak District, Dartmoor and the Alps. Factor in the sheer amount of time our crew got to spend with the kit during the week-long shoot in the Cairngorms of Scotland, and you can rest easy knowing that every single OM 100 item has been put under the microscope, had a spotlight shined in its eyes, and been prodded and poked from all angles by well-worn, outdoorsy, fingers. 

Check Out The Outdoors Magic 100 2018 Here

We could tell you now about our favourite things in the 100, or the products that turned things round and won our hearts after a sticky start. We could tell you about the bits we loved so much we're now reluctant to ever take them off, or the gaiters that got us quoting iconic action movies. We could do all that, and then go on babbling for another 40,000 words. But we won't. Instead, we'll let you dive in and discover the Outdoors Magic 100 goodness for yourself. Enjoy. 

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