Girl with Golden Retriever on Mountain at Sunset by Lake

If you are a dog lover, you'll probably agree that there's no better adventure companion than a canine friend.

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These guys are always there by your side. They are never going to let you down last minute by saying they are "too hungover" to come riding with you. They will follow you up any mountain, along any beach and through any river.

We've picked some of dog breeds that make the best adventure partners.

(Don't forget, mutts are also brilliant dogs - they don't have to be pure bred pedigrees)

St. Bernard Dog with keg ready for rescue operation

St Bernard dogs originally came from the Grand St Bernard Pass in Switzerland. During the Middle Ages a hospice was built up there - and the monks that lived within bred St Bernards.

Legend has it, these clever dogs would rescue people lost in the snow or caught in avalanches.

While many think the barrel around their necks contained booze, it actually was just a hot drink (not nearly as fun) to revive the victim while they waited for help to arrive.

Because of their size, they are great for taking with on adventures as these big fellas require a lot of exercise and fare well in cold temperatures.

Winter walk in the park. Siberian husky runs on fresh snow.

While their crystal blue eyes might look like their are peering into your soul, these dogs are actually very playful and warm-natured.

Siberian huskies were originally bred in north-east Asia as sled dogs. They need a lot of exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. So the more hikes, bike rides and runs you can take them on, the better.

Active athletic dog puppy running at the sea

Raised in Zimbabwe, this African dog breed copes well in hot weather - so perfect if you live in a country with particularly hot summers.

They are large dogs - growing up to 27 inches tall - who are very comfortable running alongside horses, if equestrianism is your thing.

They are very intelligent dogs who like to get into trouble - so make sure you put effort into training them.

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Adventure Outdoors

Everyone loves good ol' faithful Labradors. They are energetic, playful and agile.

In 1822, adventurer W.E. Cormack crossed the island of Newfoundland by foot with a Labrador - which he remarked is preferably over a long-haired dog, because ice doesn't stick to its fur.

Take one of these dogs hiking or cycling and they'll love you forever.

There is no obstacle for australian shepherd

Working breeds like Australian Shepherds make great outdoors adventure dogs.

They have serious amounts of energy and fantastic endurance, so if you are planning a long day ski touring, they will be able to keep up.

Australian Shepherds are also really good at tackling rocky terrain, so great for hiking.

Newfoundland Dog Breed Adventure Outdoors

These dogs are big - like miniature horse sized big - but they make excellent outdoors companions.

They love water as they were originally bred to help fisherman in Newfoundland, Canada.

Their big fur coats keep them warm in icy cold weather and they have boundless amounts of energy to chase you on your bike/cycle/climb.

Be warned though, they shed a lot of hair!

Visla Dog Breed Adventure Outdoors

Vizslas are slender dogs with lots of energy. They are sometimes called 'velcro dogs' because they form attachments with people very quickly.

They love running, so you'll be hard-pressed to wear out one of these hunting dogs, plus they are naturally protective of their owners.

Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Adventure Outdoors

We couldn't write a rundown of adventure companions without including Bernese Mountain Dogs.

As their name suggests, these dogs were brought up originally in the Swiss Alps, pulling heavy carts.

Their thick fur means they can happily withstand winter adventures and will enjoy tagging alongside any outdoor activity you choose to do.

German Shepherd Dog Breed Adventure Outdoors

German shepherds make great trail running dogs, because they are fast, intelligent and stick by your side (with training) rather than heading for the horizon.

They will also protect you fiercely from any threat if you in the outdoors alone.

Border Collie Dog Breed Adventure Outdoors

Border Collies are probably one of the most popular dog breeds for outdoors folk. They are super agile, incredibly intelligent and love going on outdoor excursions.

These guys get bored if they aren't given enough stimulation, so take them on as many adventures as possible.